The Proposition of "I Give Power of Attorney" is Undemocratic and Anti-Union!

The Proposition of "I Give Power of Attorney" is Undemocratic and Anti-Union!
دوشنبه, 23. ژانویه 2023 - 12:33

January 21, 2023

Despite killing more than 500 of our compatriots, about 20 thousand prisoners and filing cases for execution for more than 100 people and about 30 people sentenced to death, 4 of them have been executed by the repression organs, the revolutionary movement "Women, Life, Freedom" has been going on for more than four months and shook the foundations of the Islamic Republic. Despite having field leaders in neighborhoods, cities, universities, and workplaces, this movement suffers from the dispersion of the democratic opposition and the lack of alternatives, and it needs a clear vision for the transition from the Islamic Republic and the formation of the Constituent Assembly. In this regard, efforts have been made by the forces opposing the regime to form alliances and coalitions in order to create an alternative.

The left, republican and democratic forces believe that liberation from the Islamic Republic and the establishment of freedom, democracy and equality in Iran is possible only through the hands of the Iranian people and their all-round struggles, and that organizations and political parties are the main pillars of the alternative and guarantee of democracy. Any plan that tries to create an alternative and achieve democracy by bypassing them will fail. Along with the political parties and organizations in the fight against the Islamic Republic, political, civil and trade union activists, well-known artistic, sports, scientific figures, etc. have a colorful presence, and the coordination of these pro-democracy forces without geographical boundaries is an urgent and necessary duty.

During the current revolutionary movement, a series of opponents of the regime have emerged inside and outside the country. Among them is Mr. Reza Pahlavi, who has been emerging as a "prince" with the help of foreign circles and his one-sided presence in popular media. After several failed plans, he recently raised the issue of advocacy in an interview with "I and You – Man-o-to" TV channel. Following that, his supporters launched the "I Give Power of Attorney" campaign on Twitter. The people of Iran and the young people who raised the flag of the struggle against tyranny and discrimination on the streets, did not mean only the children and siblings of the regime officials. They have targeted any discrimination and privilege, including royalty, and have risen against it. In universities and in a number of cities, including Zahedan, Bukan and Sanandaj, people chanted: "No monarchy, no Islamic guardianship, democracy, equality". Apart from the fact that the "I Give Power of Attorney" plan is carried out in the form of "hashtag" and "petition" and there is no monitoring and control on it for verification, it is an anti-union and undemocratic plan that focuses on "individual" and "legacy and heritage" and it is in opposition to the main essence of "woman, life, freedom".

It is destructive of unity because the continuation, expansion and advancement of the current revolution of the Iranian people can only be strengthened by strengthening and consolidating the unity in the ranks of the people and creating a gap in the ranks of the Islamic Republic regime. With the launch of the activity around the representation of Reza Pahlavi, the gap in the ranks of the people's struggle has been clearly highlighted. The campaign "I Give Power of Attorney" has made the real issues of the struggle, such as regime repressions and murders, the fate of prisoners, and international political guarantees in support of those sentenced to death, to be overshadowed.

"I Give Power of Attorney" is anti-democratic in both form and content. This plan has been experienced in a different way. In 1979, Khomeini and his followers asked the people to participate in a referendum with yes or no to the Islamic Republic. No one knew the content of the Islamic Republic and its conditions. People did not know what they were voting for. “Yes” votes for the Islamic Republic were obtained based on illusion, deception, ignorance and lack of clarity. "I Give Power of Attorney" is also giving power of attorney and representation to a person, without any terms and conditions. A person who has had contradictory statements many times, but in defense of the political tyranny of his father's regime, he either remained silent or justified it. "I Give Power of Attorney", without a plan and strategy for the transition from the Islamic Republic, is the same as repeating the “yes” or “no” referendum to the Islamic Republic.

The revolutionary movement "Women, Life, Freedom" is a movement with the colorful role of women, youth, and the participation of activists with experience in the field of struggle and in the prisons of the Islamic Republic. This revolution and its leadership will be formed by consensus and agreement between field, political and civil activists and credible political and democratic organizations, especially inside the country. Democracy in content is the acceptance of diversity and plurality of political trends and spectra and cooperation and coalition between them. The method of "I Give Power of Attorney" is the method of demagogic demagoguery and charisma creation of the leader and bypassing the political and civil society of the country. The idea of setting aside these forces is a false fantasy and in practice an anti-democratic action.

The Left Party of Iran (People’s Fadaian) believes that acceptance of human rights, respect for others, diversity, belief in political pluralism, reliance on civil and political society, and anti-discrimination leads to democracy, on the contrary, fighting with others, bypassing political organizations, self-aggrandizement, single-mindedness and power-seeking lead to dictatorship, and today's actions and methods of political forces and personalities are signs of their actions tomorrow. "I Give Power of Attorney" is a way of despotism. We expect libertarian forces that oppose tyranny (whether in the guise of "royal inheritance" or derived from religion) to turn their backs on this anti-union and undemocratic action.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran (People’s Fadaian)
January 21, 2023

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