سه شنبه ۲۸ دی‌ ۱۴۰۰ - ۱۸ ژانویه ۲۰۲۲


The Left Party of Iran (People's Fadaian) declares its support of the Sudanese Communist Party call and its solidarity with the struggles of the Sudanese people and the resistance forces against repression. We call on all the international communities and progressive forces and individuals to join in solidarity with the Sudanese people's struggle for democracy and against martial law, and to demand the immediate release of the detained leaders of the resistance committees and all political prisoners.

The victory of the left in Latin America, by ensconcing in the position of implementing justice-seeking programs, is joyful and a symbol of possibility of success for the left in the world. Given that the situation in Iran, and in part even in our region, is quite different from that in Chile and Latin America, these victories are also encouraging for the Iranian left, with the message that the strongholds of the recent four decades of neoliberalism and right-wing populism can and should be conquered by taking a united stand on a global scale. Nevertheless, the democratic unity and justice-seeking is the common denominator and main issue.

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Caught between despair and optimism

A victory

Excerpts from the political agenda approved by the Second Congress

The protests were widely welcomed, on the one hand, by special social groups, including workers, retirees, and other wage-earners and on the other hand, it led to the approval of the ersatz classification plan by the parliament, one day after the street protests of teachers and cultural figures on December 13

Without changing the current foreign policy of the Islamic Republic and paving the way for the normalization of relations with other countries, including the United States and friendly relations with neighbors, there is no end to the current isolation of the country and the danger of sanctions and threats will always remain. Economic pressure on the Iranian people will continue. Even the announcement of the cessation of negotiations for consultations immediately reflects on the critical situation of the Iranian economy and the increase in the price of foreign currencies. The continuation of these instabilities has a direct effect on increasing the price of the people’s general necessities.

The Left Party of Iran (People's Fadaian), as a left party with the aspiration of democratic socialism, is currently fighting for the transition from the Islamic Republic to the establishment of a secular and democratic republic. We call on all democratic forces, left and freedom-seekers, all activists of social and civil movements, individuals, national organizations, and parties to cooperate and unite to create a system based on the free will of the people of Iran.

Allocation of insufficient funds for the proper implementation of the desired ranking of teachers in the parliament and disregard for other demands of teachers, such as equalization of retirees, based on the Civil Service Management Law, were the main demands of the teachers' nationwide protest on December 2nd. Freedom of imprisoned teachers and high quality and free education for all students were also among the demands raised at the rallies.

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From the Second Congress

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The Message of Solidarity

Your country, Iraq, and our, Iran, are in a difficult situation in many ways. While each party is addressing the problems and crisis in their respected countries, but the joint and multifaceted struggle of your party and us, as the forces of the left, in responding to the theoretical issues of the left on one hand, and the joint confrontation with regional issues, exchange of ideas, finding common grounds and cooperation in this regard, on the other hand, is of great significance and they can play an important role in our confrontation with future political trends.