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Iran:view from the Left, Dec2023 No48

Iran:view from the Left, Dec2023 No48

Word of the Month

The criterion of the view of the world and the Islamic Republic regarding the status of Iranian women!

In the last month of 2023, a year after the revolutionary movement of ‘woman, life, freedom’ in Iran, Narges Mohammadi won the Nobel Peace Prise. Nonetheless, she remains in prison, so her prize is given to her twins (residing in Paris).

At the same time, the European Parliament awarded the SAKHAROF prise to Mahsa-Zhina Amini.

The significance of these awards is understood first of all in that the world was expressing its solidarity with respect to the struggle of women, the young and the various ethnic minorities.

What was the reaction of the Islamic Republic to these awards? Narges Mohammadi was kept in prison, Mahsa Amini’s family were barred from travelling to Europe to receive her award. In fact, her attorney travelled to Strassburg to receive the award on the family’s behalf, and was detained when returning to Iran.

The divergence of views (between the Islamic Republic and the rest of the world is obvious. Iranian women’s struggle carries on (and is applauded all over the world - no matter the ultimate intentions). Iranian men and women will carry on this struggle despite the Islamic Republic’s oppression.

Iran:view from the Left, Dec2023 No48

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