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IRAN: View from the LEFT, June 2024, No 54
The clash of strategic aims between the US and Israel seems inevitably to be leading to an imminent clash of current policies. For the moment, Israel seems to be trying to ameliorate the tension. Their latest ploy is to declare that major Israeli military operations will be finished within two weeks.
IRAN:View from the LEFT Mar 2024 No 53
The Israeli army's deadly attack on the Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah has once again sparked deep global revulsion against Israel's war in Gaza. Israel's war crime in this attack was so obvious that the main person responsible for this massacre, Benjamin Netanyahu, called it "a tragic event" and claimed that the operation to kill the refugees "went tragically wrong."
IRAN: View from the LEFT April 2024 No 52
By striving to solve the Palestinian issue and weaken extremist and radical tendencies in Israel, in the region, and among Palestinians, there is hope that we are taking steps toward sustainable peace in the region. The highest level of security is achieved under the shadow of economic capability, societal development, and people's support, and this is possible in the light of democratic governance and a foreign policy with zero tension and creating friendly relations with neighbors. Read More:
IRAN:View from the LEFT Mar 2024 No 51
Throughout the past year, they have fought for their rights on every street and in every city of Iran, one way or another. Despite facing challenges such as forced hijab and inequality, they have shown resilience. Many have been imprisoned, fired, and assaulted by men within the Islamic Regime's government, yet these women have never ceased their fight. Their determination remains unwavering, and they will continue to push forward in the coming year. Significant progress has been made during and after the 'Women, Life, Freedom' movement, and their struggle will only gain momentum in the new year. Congratulations to them on International Women's Day
IRAN: View from the LEFT, Feb 2024 N0.50
The election in Iran have concluded. Election officials have echoed their 'thrilling epic' slogan, but many view it as a tedious affair. Some former politicians adhered to their promises and refrained from participating. Some joined in with the aim of 'building up' Iran, while others abstained, contemplating Iran's future.
IRAN: View from the LEFT, Jan 2024 N0.49
The ICJ’s preliminary rulings on January 26th essentially supported South Africa’s allegation that Israeli actions in Gaza amount to ‘genocidal’ acts. They issued six preliminary measures in which was expressed serious legal concern with Israeli actions.
Iran:view from the Left, Dec2023 No48
The divergence of views (between the Islamic Republic and the rest of the world is obvious. Iranian women’s struggle carries on (and is applauded all over the world - no matter the ultimate intentions). Iranian men and women will carry on this struggle despite the Islamic Republic’s oppression.
IRAN: View from the LEFT, Nov 2023 N0.47
The root cause of the fear, terror and unending suffering is clear: Israel’s illegal occupation ofthe West Bank and Gaza, and its unbearable system of apartheid imposed on Palestiniansthroughout Palestine/Israel. Palestinians have shown that no amount of firepower will forcethem to flee the only land they have left.The international community MUST force Israel to negotiate.
IRAN: View from the LEFT, October2023 No 46
For the last three weeks, despite massive worldwide condemnation, Israel has carried out an ever-escalating campaign of indiscriminate bombing. At the time of writing, the Palestinian Health Authority has announced the deaths of more than 8000, including over 2000 children. Israel has reduced to rubble thousands of residential buildings, schools, churches, mosques and hospitals. This is not “self- defence”. It is vengeful, indiscriminate slaughter of the most barbaric kind.
Iran: View from The Left, September 2023 No. 45
:In This Issue, You Read
Anniversary of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" Movement
The beginning of the new academic year
A meeting with the Iranian group in the European Parliament
Fête de l'Humanité: A Festival of Humanity in Paris
Anniversary of the Massacre in Zahedan
Iran: View from The Left, August 2023 No. 44
In This Issue, You Read
Word of the Month: The BRICS bloc
A Covenant
Exposure to Empty Food Tables
Drying of Lake Urmia
The recent Expulsion of University Professors
Iran: View from The Left, July 2023 No. 43
In This Issue, You Read
     ?Word of the Month, Reversing the Trend toward Middle East Stability
     The sword of Damocles still hangs over the heads of protesters
     Land dispute
     Semi-militants of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) in Iranian universities
     The Hijab's Grip on the System
     Disruption in the Non-Violent Struggle
Iran view from The Left June 2023 No 42
The unlocking of some of the Islamic Republic's frozen funds (in South Korea and Iraq) is a part of this 'understanding'. The tightening of the noose around the Mujahidin organization (the Iranian opposition group which was on the US terrorist list for a while) is likely to be another part of this unwritten agreement. If so, this agreement encompasses additional European countries, including Albania, France, etc.  We will know more in the coming months
IRAN: View from the LEFT” 41
There is a general movement towards a new order in the Middle East. The Saudis have a far fetched and ambitious vision of grandour. They are not alone, Turkey, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the UAE, amongst others, have similar ambitions. Sadly, their ambitions focus primarily on industrial -- and specifically military industrial -- goals, and do not extend to social issues and issues of social justice.
This new order cannot mean a period of stability and happiness for the people of the region. Homegrown ...tensions can be as nasty and as tragic as internationally-induced ones. An unorthodox, ambitous sense of self-

IRAN: View from the LEFT 40
Word of the Month
The rapprochement and its implications
Saudi Arabia and Iran have re-established diplomatic relations after seven years. Is
this a new Entente Cordial between two rival dictatorships?  It is a welcome, and
hopefully first, step toward lowering the level of tensions in the Middle East.
It is too soon to judge the full impact of this rapprochement and its durability. 
However it has - at least - eased the way for finding a solution on issues like the war
in Yemen (tentative moves toward peace?) and Syria’s status in the Arab world

IRAN: View from the LEFT 39
Earlier this month Iran agreed to allow the IAEA to re-establish certain transparency measures at select nuclear sites. Moreover, this comes on top of the Saudi/Iranian deal to re-establish diplomatic relations. Together, these two welcome events can be expected to decrease tensions in the Middle East.
IRAN: View from the LEFT 38
he Munich Security Conference, on 17th -19th Feb, took place just days before the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Contrary to its title, the conference did not further peace or security. Instead, it turned out to be a competition between Western countries over who could pledge the most tanks for Ukraine to continue fighting the Russians.
IRAN: View from the LEFT 37
An attack by quadcopters (small drones) was carried out on a military related facuility in Isfahan on Saturday January 28th. Depending on the source, the attack was successful or NOT successful. Who has done it? And who will benefit from it?

Most accusations and suspicions are towards Israel under prime minister Natanyahoo. If true it would be towards deflecting world attention while Israel expands her illegal expansions in the West Bank.
IRAN: View from the LEFT 36
Political sponsorship: effective international support
Global support and solidarity with the Iranian ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ movement has taken many forms. French President Mr. Macron and German Chancellor Mr. Steinmeier, for example, have met with prominent Iranian celebrities as gestures of humanitarian concern and solidarity with the struggles of the Iranian people.
IRAN: View from the LEFT 35
The uprising in Iran has entered its third month, with no end in sight. At issue is democracy and human rights, not religious dogma . This uprising is for life, for democracy, for human rights, for gender equality and for equality of each individual Iranian, regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation.
RAN: View from the LEFT 34
The uprising in Iran goes on, uncontained, with no end in sight. Despite the regime's savage treatment of the protestors, we are witnessing the continuation and deepening of the civil protests. The death of a young woman in custody at the hands of the 'morality police' triggered the protests. Iranian youth from all classes and strata erupted countrywide, from Kurdestan in the west to Baluchestan in the east, with demands 'for a free Iran'. The uprising's duration and outcome are impossible to predict.
IRAN: View from the LEFT 33
Mahsa Amini, just 22 years old, was arrested because she was not fully compliant with the regime's strict dress code. Three days later, she was dead. The regime claims she had a heart attack but her parents say she had no history of heart problems.
IRAN: View from the LEFT 32
One- Iraq wants and needs a leader untainted by suspected foreign patronage.
Two - The government apparatus needs to be cleansed of corruption.
Three - Iraq needs a secular government. Cooperation between Shiite and Sunni forces can be a step in the right direction.
Despite his erratic and sometime contradictory policies, Mr. Sadr may yet be the person to lead this movement. Regardless of whether or not his resignation is final, however, it is hoped that the movement behind the three goals above will carry on. The loss of his...
IRAN: View from the LEFT 31
In This Issue you Read:
Word of the Month, The evolving alliances?
Excerpts from The left party of Iran (People’s Fadaian) branches and offices
The party's labor relations office wrote in protest against ...
The political-executive boards of the Union of Republicans of Iran, ...
The organization of the party in Belgium...
IRAN: View from the LEFT 30
In this issue you read:

Word of the Month, Resumption of the JCPOA Talks
The signs of Corruption in Wreckages
To remove the Coercive and unilateral US sanctions against Iran
Message to the Congress of the Left Party of Germany

IRAN: View from the LEFT 29
In This Issue You Read:

Word of the Month, War in Ukraine
A broader Look at The War in Ukraine
Inflation, protest, repression
Solidarity with a discriminated minority in Iran
With the recognition of Labor Day Iranian
Woman who scaped Iran received best actress award in Cannes 2022
IRAN: View from the LEFT 28
In This Issue you read:
Word of the Month, Ukraine's Tragedy
Unity, solidarity, organization
Afghan refugees are an opportunity
The Statement of six parties on the occasion of May 1st.
IRAN: View from the LEFT 27
"A new balance is needed in the world, and it is taking shape." This statement is presented in the evaluation of almost all the momentous events of the present century, from the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. From the Arab Spring and the resounding movements like "Occupy!" to the rise of far-right forces in the four corners of the globe, from the rise of ISIS to the setback of the United States in Afghanistan, from the 2008 financial crisis to the Corona crisis...
The statement from the political-executive board of the Left Party of Iran (People's Fadaian) emphasizes the need for Russia's withdraw from Ukraine and resolve the crisis through diplomacy: the militarization of Eastern Europe have increased the risk of war and conflict in Europe and those activities must be stopped.
In this issue you read:
Word of the Month,
More hope than fear in Vienna talks
The death of another prisoner of conscience which may not be the last loss of life in Iran's prisons
A Futile Journey
Continuation of the protest of cultural creators
In this Issue you read:
Word of the Month
Does Israel take on America's military role in the Middle East?
A month of protests by cultural Society
Caught between despair and optimism
A victory
Excerpts from the political agenda approved by the Second Congress
Word of the Month: Another indication, climate change is here
From the Second Congress
Another indication, climate change is here
The need to move to another future!
Another form of protest
The Message of Solidarity
Words of the Month:

Sudan' once again a coup?

Rosa Luxemburg's foundation: bi- annual conference

Postponement of the Vienna Talks will propel the Iranian People to more Catastrophe!

The Second Congress of the Left Party of Iran (People's Fadaian)

Statement on Tensions on the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan
In this issue you read:
Word of the Month
There is hope in Afghanistan
Insolvent cabinet
The long arm of Suppression
Protest, one day before the start
In this issue you read:
Word of the Month
Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Corona's massacre in Iran
 The beginning of the trial of a long-standing crime