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Erdogan's Influence on the Turkish Judiciary

Erdogan's Influence on the Turkish Judiciary

It has been reported that the 18-year sentence of Mr. Can Atalay, a prominent journalist and pro-democracy figure in Turkey, has been overturned by the decision of the Supreme Court of Turkey after spending 7 years in prison, and his release has been ordered. This verdict was also communicated to Mr. Atalay's family, who were on their way to welcome him. However, to their surprise, they found out that after the Supreme Court's ruling, a local court had overturned the decision of the Supreme Court and confirmed Atalay's sentence. Turkish media report that this action was taken under Erdogan's orders. Furthermore, Mr. Atalay's 18-year sentence results from Erdogan's dubious legal proceedings.

Turkey is a member of the European Court of Human Rights. Mr. Atalay's lawyers say they will file a complaint with the European court. The Turkish Supreme Court granted Atalay's freedom so that the case would avoid going to the European court.

Now, the Turkish government must either cancel its membership in the European Commission and its court or accept the ruling of the Turkish Supreme Court. This constitutional problem in Turkey leaves the president's hands open to interference in the judiciary.

International Relations of the Left Party of Iran, while declaring solidarity with Mr. Can Atalay and the Left Party of Turkey, condemn Erdogan's illegal order to prevent his freedom.
International Relations of the Left Party of Iran
January 14, 2024

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