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Message to the Turkish Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party

Message to the Turkish Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party

Dear friends,

Respected members of the People's Equality and Democracy Party!

Let us heartily congratulate you on your historic victory in the recent Turkish local elections. The common values between your party and the Left Party of Iran bring us together in the feeling of victory and in the hope of realizing the common goal in the region, which is to create a more just and peaceful Middle East.

The outcomes of this election show a remarkable change: Your party's success in winning the most votes in key cities, especially in Turkey's predominantly Kurdish southeast, sends an eloquent message. The votes of these regions show everyone's will to achieve justice, minority rights and democratic principles, which is the same message that resonates not only inside our country, Iran, but throughout the region.

We are together in the face of political, social or environmental crises. The commitment of our two parties to ecopolitics, social equality and individual rights is unwavering. As progressive forces, we both know that our collective strength lies in cooperation, dialogue and movement towards common goals. "Let us resound together with the message of the Middle East where every citizen has dignity, freedom and opportunity". Let us defend justice, human rights and sustainable development together.

We wish you continued success in your endeavours.

International Relations of the Left Party of Iran

April 1, 2024

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