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The Left Party of Iran is Against any Military Adventure and Against Warmongers!

The Left Party of Iran is Against any Military Adventure and Against Warmongers!

This morning, the Islamic Republic attacked targets in Israel by firing hundreds of drones, cruise and ballistic missiles. This action was the first direct confrontation between the two countries. This attack, which was carried out in response to Israel's attack on the consulate of the Islamic Republic in Damascus, in the current situation of the region, the fragile domestic situation of both sides, has greatly increased the possibility of raising the level of tense hostility to war.

The consequences of the continuation of the military conflict for both countries and the region, and especially for Iran, are terrible and terrifying. From now on, no effort should be spared to prevent the nightmare of war. The meeting of the Central Council of the Left Party of Iran, with the assessment that with every military conflict, the risk of war increases, announces:

The situation should not be considered incidental. Today's situation is an unbroken link of a long chain of 45 years, and as long as it is based on tension between the two sides, it will have an upward repetition. We consider the current tense situation as a moment of turmoil, which was formed on the basis of actions and reactions of both sides of the conflict.

The continuous propaganda of the eradication of Israel at a heavy human and financial cost to advance a policy that is not only interventionist but also criminal, and actions such as the explosion of the Jewish headquarters in Argentina in the 1980s by one side, and the assassinations of Iran's nuclear scientists, all kinds of political, security and military conspiracies inside and outside of our country, from the other side, among other things, the attack on sensitive nuclear sites, the recent killing in Syria and numerous cyber-attacks are all signs of hidden war and preparation for evident war.

According to international conventions, Israel's attack on the Islamic Republic consulate in Damascus is considered an attack on Iranian soil and is condemned. However, the Islamic Republic, which pretends to be oppressed and rants about retaliation by citing such conventions, in the first years of its existence, occupied the American soil in Tehran, and three decades later, mobilized its mobs to attack embassies of several countries including Saudi Arabia.

Despite the destruction of Gaza with the result of the death of more than 32,000 Palestinians in the past six months, and the comprehensive support of the United States and most Western governments, Netanyahu's government has failed to achieve its goal in this unequal war. In the current situation, the criminal government of Israel is prone to seek an escape from the stalemate of the lost war in Gaza by preparing to launch another war.

Israel's recent action in Damascus does not in any way allow the Islamic Republic, which is in a position of hostility against the Iranian people, to engage in adventure and warmongering. Any military action, whether it is "controlled" or at any level of war action by resorting to proxy forces, is evident warmongering and against the national interests of the Iranian people. The majority of our people, like many in the world, despise Israel's crimes in Gaza but they do not want another conflict and war.

The Central Council of the Left Party of Iran emphasizes the need to advance a broad struggle to oppose any military action and intensifying the atmosphere of tension and hostility leading to war. We call on all the democratic forces committed to the restoration of peace and those who oppose any kind of warmongering to cooperate with one another. We consider any attempt to push the Islamic Republic to war, either from the position of encouragement or from the position of instigation, to be contrary to the interests and security of our country.

Central Council of the Left Party of Iran

April 14, 2024

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