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What needs to be shattered

What needs to be shattered

The vast majority of the world’s people support a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. This has been proven time and again in various and sundri ways, including at the UN General Assembly, on the streets of most countries and on Western university campuses. Yet the genocide in Gaza continues.

No matter how this stage of Palestinian struggle ends, and under what conditions, two points need to be underlined:

First, the 7th of October events have shattered the Israeli settler delusion of Israeli invincibility. Israeli settlers can no longer assume minimal resistance to their ever-growing encroachment upon Palestinian rights. Palestinian resilience has put an end to that delusion once and for all. No matter how inconceivable, Palestinians always find a way of fighting back and inflicting painful – often very painful -- punishment on Israel. Israel’s otherwise incomprehensibly horrific revenge and hatred is based upon this shock to Israeli sensibilities.

Second, the Middle East yearns for a long period of peace and stability. But in order for this to be possible, Israeli arrogance and sense of both entitlement and superiority need to be shattered and abandoned as well. All people in the Middle East – and all over the world -- are equal and must be treated so. 


Majid Siadat


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