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IRAN: View from the LEFT, October2023 No 46

IRAN: View from the LEFT, October2023 No 46

A just peace is the only solution.

We note that Hamas started this round of fighting, committing inhumane atrocities in the process. Their actions can be understood only in the larger historical context. Since 1967 the Palestinians – in both the West Bank and Gaza – have been suffering under a brutal and inhumane occupation.

Hamas’ actions – including the murder of innocent civilian women, children, elderly and infirm – must be condemned. All such actions, by all sides, are crimes against humanity AND against the long-term interests of the Palestinian people and their just and humane aspirations.

This utterly unexpected latest round of fighting proves beyond any doubt that there is no military solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Despite Israeli military superiority, Israeli society cannot escape the excruciating pain of Palestinian resistance. Palestinians can and will find ways to fight back.

For the last three weeks, despite massive worldwide condemnation, Israel has carried out an ever-escalating campaign of indiscriminate bombing. At the time of writing, the Palestinian Health Authority has announced the deaths of more than 8000, including over 2000 children. Israel has reduced to rubble thousands of residential buildings, schools, churches, mosques and hospitals. This is not “self- defence”. It is vengeful, indiscriminate slaughter of the most barbaric kind.

Israel’s uninhibited genocide risks turning this local conflict into a disastrous regional war (and beyond).

Let us all work urgently for an end to this war. Let us work for a just, and peaceful solution in which both Israeli and Palestinian people can live side by side in peace.

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