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The Execution of Milad Zohrevand, Another Shameful Page in the Dossier of the Islamic Republic!

The Execution of Milad Zohrevand, Another Shameful Page in the Dossier of the Islamic Republic!

November 24, 2023

Milad Zohrevand, a 21-year-old young man who was sentenced to death on the 40th day anniversary of Zhina-Mahsa Amini for the murder of Ali Nazari, intelligence-security officer of the IRGC, was executed yesterday in Hamadan prison. With this execution, the Islamic Republic added another shameful page to its heavy and full crime dossier. Milad Zohrevand was married before his arrest and had a child while he was awaiting the death sentence in prison.

The Islamic Republic is governed by a reactionary force belong to the Middle Age centuries. It considers the death and extinction of others to be the elixir of its existence. The regime now uses domestic and international conditions to commit crime. The killing of the people of Gaza by Israel and the focus of the public mind on the dimensions of this crime have created an opportunity for the regime to commit crimes more easily in this environment. The death of Armita Gravand, the execution of Milad Zohrevand, the intensification of repression and the execution are all carried out in such an atmosphere.

This regime sees the killing of children and young people as life-giving for the continuation of its authoritarian rule. If in the past the scale of crimes in the Islamic Republic was hidden from the public, today the people do not allow news to be kept a secret. The revolutionary movement "Women, Life, Freedom" during the past one year, culturally and ideologically, has dealt a very heavy blow to the regime and has imposed an irreparable defeat on the backward thinking of this system. The continuation of executions and repression in the Islamic Republic is a sign of fear of the ongoing "Women, Life, Freedom" movement and an attempt to shut it down. But the executions, the intensification of repression, spending the country's budget to hire personnel to control women's headscarves, and dozens of other repressive measures, are all signs of the regime's failure against the will and the continuation of the struggle of the freedom-loving people and the futile struggle to cover it up.

The Left Party of Iran, while declaring its disgust and repugnance with the execution of Milad Zohrevand, once again calls on organizations and political parties, democratic institutions and human rights activists to intensify their struggle against execution and repression and to implement a plan to deal with execution and repression in Iran. One of the effective factors in the spread of executions and the intensification of repressions is the scattered reaction of the democratic and leftist forces of Iran. We must be alert; the forces against repression and execution, who are fighting to dismantle the regime of the Islamic Republic, have not been able to take an effective step to block the regime's path with unjustified strictness in joint measures against repression and execution. We have a duty to fulfill our responsibility.

The Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
November 24, 2023

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