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Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran

تصویر بالای صفحه
Releasing Hamid Nouri, Freeing Another Criminal, Repeated Encouragement for the Hostage-Taking Policy of the Islamic Republic!
Against a Circus Called Election!
The Catastrophic Killing of Palestinian Refugees in Rafah!
The death of Raisi the Executioner is nothing to regret!
Welcoming the Decisive Vote of the United Nations General Assembly to Form an Independent State of Palestine, Against the Continuation of War and Killing in Gaza!
On International Workers' Day, let us remember that unity and solidarity are the keys to success!
Toumaj Salehi has been sentenced to death!
With Nationwide Campaign and General Solidarity, Let Us Defeat the Intensification of the Islamic Republic's War Against Women!
May Your Nowruz be Victorious and Propitious!
The United States Government is Responsible for the Continuation of the War and Killing in Gaza!
Let Us Rush to the Aid of the Flood Victims! The Flood Has Destroyed Houses of the People of Sistan and Baluchistan!
Defeat of the Regime's "Election" Show! Congratulations to the People of Iran on This Victory!
Active Boycott of the Regime's Elections, a Step Towards Strengthening the Movement of “Women, Life, Freedom”!
On the Occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the Bahaman Revolution of 1357
On the Occasion of the 53rd Anniversary of "Siahkal", a Breakthrough Beginning Towards Different Future!
We Support the Strike and Demonstration of Ahvaz Steel workers!
Let Us Stand Up Against the Execution, Repression and Revenge of the Islamic Republic!
The Execution of Mohammad Ghobadlou is a State Murder!
The Islamic Republic’s Missile and Drone Attacks on Iraq, Syria and Pakistan are Adventurous, Aggressive and Contentious actions!
South Africa’s Initiative on the Formation of Hague Tribunal Against "Genocide"
We Condemn the Bombing and Killing of People in Kerman
In Support of Ahvaz Steel Factory Workers Demands! Stand In solidarity with the Strikers!
In Support of the Request of the United Nations General Assembly: the Need for an Immediate Ceasefire and an End to Israel's Criminal Killing in Gaza!
The Execution of Milad Zohrevand, Another Shameful Page in the Dossier of the Islamic Republic!
An Immediate and Unconditional Ceasefire, Release of Hostages and Start of International Negotiations for Lasting peace!
No to War, Yes to Truce and Negotiations for a Lasting Peace!
We Congratulate Mrs. Narges Mohammadi, a Brave and Persistent Fighter Against Discrimination and Injustice, on Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize!
The Islamic Republic is Responsible for the Life of Armita Geravand!
The victims are the People! Let the Existing Borders Remain and Become Circles of Friendship!
The Failure of the Regime in Re-Imposing the Mandatory Hijab is Certain!