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In Support of the Request of the United Nations General Assembly: the Need for an Immediate Ceasefire and an End to Israel's Criminal Killing in Gaza!

In Support of the Request of the United Nations General Assembly: the Need for an Immediate Ceasefire and an End to Israel's Criminal Killing in Gaza!

Israel's far-right government's bloody war against Gaza's civilians continues, despite the UN General Assembly's approval by more than three-quarters. After more than two months of war, the killings escalate every day. More than 18,000 people have been massacred by Israeli air and ground attacks so far, most of them women and children. Tens of thousands of people are injured or disabled. The Israeli military confirmed that 250 airstrikes were conducted in just one night. Following the unconditional support of the United States, Netanyahu's government has not spared any crime against the people of Gaza and rejected the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly for an immediate ceasefire.

More than two million people live under bombs and fire in Gaza day and night. They are moved from north to south and from south to north with the announcement of the Israeli army without any shelter. They are hungry, wounded and lack basic necessities to survive. All of Gaza has turned into uninhabitable ruins and its infrastructure has been destroyed. The Israeli government carries out this targeted killing under the pretext of suppressing Hamas. However, it has not succeeded in ending the attacks of Hamas, nor has it found a clue about the hiding place of the Israeli hostages. The continuation of this brutal massacre by the Israeli army has spread the scope of the conflict and war to other areas and intensified the violence of the Jewish settlers against the Palestinians.

Today, the world is witnessing a terrible human disaster in the Middle East. The continuation of this war is facing the public disgust of the people all over the world and it has led to the isolation of the Israeli government, and it has aroused public opinion around the world against Israel's crimes in Gaza. Solidarity with the Palestinian people has increased in different countries, and a large number of governments supporting Israel have been forced to change their previous positions. But while even the Biden government, the main supporter of Israel, apparently talks about the two-state solution and considers it the only solution to achieve lasting peace, Netanyahu and his right-wing allies are trying to create conditions for to facilitate the annexation of another part of Palestine to Israel.

The Left Party of Iran condemns the massacre of civilians and defenseless people in Gaza by the Israeli government. We express our distaste for the continued killings in Gaza and emphasize our solidarity with the people of Gaza. We demand the effective intervention of the United Nations to stop the war and prevent the forced expulsion of the people of Gaza from their land, the immediate establishment of a ceasefire, the immediate cessation of all destructive military operations of the Israeli army, the release of prisoners and hostages and the start of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians based on the resolutions of the Unite Nations. We express our deep concern about the criminal continuation of this war and the madness of annexing the Palestinian territories to Israel. Today, it is clear to everyone that in order to avoid war and bloodshed and live in peace, there is no other way than agreeing on a just solution and ending the long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and accepting the solution of the formation of two states.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
December 14, 2023

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