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It could not happen without the US!

It could not happen without the US!


It could not happen without the  US!

As we enter 2024, the latest round of Israeli assaults against Gaza is already nearly 3 months old.  Even by the standards of Israel’s war machine, this time the IDF has escalated its crimes a scale the world could not have imagined. And the carte blanche provided by the West means Netanyahu is ever more tempted to expand his targets to encompass additional parts of the Middle East.

To date, more than twenty thousand Palestinians have been killed. Thousands more victims lie buried in the ruins of their homes, killed by aerial bombardment and sometimes run over and buried by Israeli tanks or bulldozers.

The Israelis brazenly boast of their brutality for all the world to see and declare their contempt for the most fundamental human rights. 

Can we really call this a “war” when one side has a fully equipped army, navy and air force, all with unlimited access to the world’s most advanced weaponry and most sophisticated intelligence systems, while on the other is a people who must smuggle even their most basic requirements into their open air prison through tunnels?  On one side: Israel and the USA.  On the other, Gaza backed primarily by the emphatic moral support of the world’s peoples. 

The US continuously pledges its unwavering, unconditional support for Israel even as the world witnesses the most horrific IDF war crimes.  In addition to the ongoing billions paid to Israel every year, the US has: 

  • vetoed every proposed resolution calling for a ceasefire (deemed against Israel’s wishes) in the UN Security Council.
  • deployed two aircraft carrier strike groups in the eastern Mediterranean off the coasts of Israel and Lebanon in support of Israel since this ‘war’ began.
  • given Israel over ten thousand tons of military weapons and equipment in the past two months.
  • sold to Israel’s Defence Ministry nearly $2.8 billion in additional war-related materials including “armoured vehicles, armaments, personal protective equipment, medical supplies, ammunition and more.”

This unquestioning and unlimited support for the most horrific crimes against humanity has added yet another indelible stain to the world’s perception of American “democracy” and its claims to be the world champion of freedom and human rights. The world has born witness.  We will never forget.

Majid Siadat 


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