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Let Us Stand Up Against the Execution, Repression and Revenge of the Islamic Republic!

Let Us Stand Up Against the Execution, Repression and Revenge of the Islamic Republic!

January 29, 2024

In the last few months, after the scope and intensity of the Gaza war increased and the street protests and events surrounding it changed, the Islamic Republic intensified the repression of freedom loving and justice seekers inside the country and accelerated the execution of death sentences. The last example that brought people's anger to a peak was the execution of Mohammad Ghobadlou and Farhad Salimi, which caused many protests and disgust inside and outside of the country. In the early hours of today, Monday, January 29, the regime executed four Kurdish political prisoners whose families were called for a last visit. The protest of sixty-one brave women in Evin prison, who, behind bars and under the shadow of repression, without fear, announced their protest against the executions by starting a hunger strike, is the height of fearlessness and militancy of those who, under repression, stood against the regime. Outside the prison, protests have continued in Iran and abroad.

As the Islamic Republic has dozens of political prisoners on death row, it is important to strengthen protest movements and turn it into a broad and inclusive movement. Participating in protest by every individual, every organization and every institution in any way and in any size can create a barrier against future executions. Several dozen other political prisoners have been sentenced to death and are in prison awaiting the execution of their sentences. The families of political prisoners whose lives are in immediate danger need our help and solidarity. It is time for everyone to participate in the campaign against the death penalty so that the families of the prisoners are not left alone.

In the Islamic Republic, execution of political activists has a long history. The death sentence is clearly emphasized in the constitution of the Islamic Republic. During the forty some years of its rule, this regime has continuously and systematically sent opponents to the death squad. Execution, discrimination and compulsory hijab are among the ideological pillars of the regime and they are still conducted with full force. As long as this repressive and totalitarian regime is in power, at least these three principles, i.e. execution, hijab, and discrimination, will remain in effect. But it is possible, before this despotic regime is completely dismantled, with a broad and strong struggle, to make decrees such as compulsory hijab and execution unenforceable. To the extent that the voice of opposition to the death penalty becomes resounding, the hands of the rulers will tremble more to issue and execute the death sentence.

The Left Party of Iran calls on human rights defenders, political and civil activists, democratic institutions and associations, political parties and organizations to take action to stop the execution in any way and to any extent they can. We can jointly or separately coordinate the public protest movement in the form of strikes, demonstrations and other forms of protest in front of prisons, in streets and outside of Iran. The powerful movement of the Iranian people will end the life of this regime but as long as it is in power, only the broad and powerful pressure of the people can prevent it from carrying out more executions and wider repression.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
January 29, 2024

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