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We Support the Strike and Demonstration of Ahvaz Steel workers!

We Support the Strike and Demonstration of Ahvaz Steel workers!
The Street March of Striking Ahvaz Steel Workers Continues

January 30, 2024

The extent of the strike of 3 thousand steel workers, which started a few days ago to equalize the wages of the workers of this company with other workers of steel producing factories, to revise the job classification plan and to get rid of the ownership of the National Bank of this company, has been extended to the streets of Ahvaz. Continuation of the enthusiastic march of the workers in the streets of Ahvaz has attracted a lot of attention throughout the country. Another strike that took place in this company a few weeks ago ended after the company management agreed to part of the workers' demands, but after the strike ended, the company management refused to implement its agreement with the workers. The workers, who are in a difficult situation due to the wages of one third of the poverty line, went on strike again.

The management of the company and the relevant regime officials, despite knowing that the workers are determined on their demands and continue the strike, they are still avoiding the implementation of their agreement with the workers and are seeking to suppress the strike and leave the demands of the workers unanswered. However, the prevailing atmosphere in the city and the behavior of the workers are such that it makes repression difficult.

The Left Party of Iran once again announces its support for the strike and demands for the rights of steel workers and emphasizes solidarity with steel workers. We consider strike and organization as one of the obvious rights of the workers, and accordingly, we condemn any kind of aggression to suppress this strike. We invite other workers and justice-seekers, especially the people of Ahvaz, to neutralize the efforts made to suppress the strike by supporting the steel workers' strike. Supporting the efforts of the workers to create their independent organization, preventing the dismissal and punishment and return to work of the workers who were previously dismissed due to participating in the strike, is the duty of all the people who fight against tyranny and injustice.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
January 30, 2024

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