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The latest round of Israeli Arab war continuously demonstrates to the whole world Israeli savagery and American hypocrisy.

The “brave “Israeli pilots and tank commanders who shoot Gazan civilians must know their actions are those of cowards.  The Israeli government imposes a policy of deliberately starving children: no food, no water. This barbarity of the powerful against other human beings is witnessed by billions of people on tv and in social media, and will not be forgotten.

Meanwhile, American hypocrisy airlifts food for Gaza at the same time as sending bombs and rockets to Israel. Who are they fooling?

The US shapes “realities” narrated by the Western media while pretending that it has had no role in shaping that reality since the beginning. The US claims to be the defender of democracy and human rights. But all that has crumbled in the eyes of the entire world.

As long as the Israeli public assumes they are superior to their Arab neighbours, the Middle East will not enjoy peace or stability.  Nor will the Israelis.

The concept of forcibly taking over another people’s land is despicable and immoral.  Israel is an established fact.  A peaceful Israel willing to abide by the legal, moral and ethical rules of neighbourliness could find a place for itself in the Middle East.  Israelis’ abiding, existential problem is that the state was founded on and continues to insist on living by and imposing its “superiority” over the entire region.

Regardless of the competition for global hegemony between the US and China, the future of the US’ position in the Middle East depends a great deal on developing a corrective approach to Israel. Stop helping the Zionist regime -- militarily, financially and diplomatically. Treat Israel as one more Middle Eastern country. No ‘priority’ status for Israel.

In the context of the Middle East, this war has proven the underlying need for NO OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE and solidarity between the peoples of the Middle East.

Majid Siadat 

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