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Toumaj Salehi has been sentenced to death!

Toumaj Salehi has been sentenced to death!
*Shame on the Islamic Republic, that is a message of death and destruction!*

The first branch of the Revolutionary Court in Isfahan has sentenced Toumaj Salehi to death. This court deemed the Supreme Court's ruling as "guidance" and found it not enforceable. The accusation against this popular singer is "corruption on earth."

The Islamic Republic is a regime that has openly declared war on the people of Iran for a long time. As the dimensions of the crisis and the government's incompetence become more apparent, the sword of suppression sharpens, and people find themselves more widely under its blade. The wrath and animosity of the oppressive organs are increasingly directed towards the women and youth of the country who have borne the brunt of the struggle against the ruling autocrats. Anyone who gains more ground in the people's hearts, the government tightens its grip on their destruction. Toumaj Salehi is one of the popular artists who boldly cried out the pain and suffering of the people and their resentment against the ruling autocrats and conveyed it to the ears of the people of Iran and even the people of the world. Toumaj's crime is nothing but conveying this rightful voice through music.

The left party of Iran, while expressing its hatred for the barbaric rulings of the Islamic Republic's unfair courts, demands that all political currents and human rights organizations join forces and make their protest heard against this tyranny to the ears of the people of Iran and the world. Any voice raised against this tyranny is effective, and if these voices synchronize, we do not doubt that the medieval regime will be pushed back. Let's not allow our differences to stop us from protesting together against unjust executions. Let's seize the current critical moment.

Political-Executive ‌Board of the Left Party of Iran
April 24, 2024

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