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Welcoming the Decisive Vote of the United Nations General Assembly to Form an Independent State of Palestine, Against the Continuation of War and Killing in Gaza!

Welcoming the Decisive Vote of the United Nations General Assembly to Form an Independent State of Palestine, Against the Continuation of War and Killing in Gaza!

May 11, 2024

The United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of the independent state of Palestine by a decisive vote of 143 countries out of 193 members of this organization and asked the Security Council to review this request and recognize Palestine as the 194th country. Previously, a similar request was rejected in the Security Council with veto of the US government. The US government, along with Israel and 7 other countries, also voted against the resolution of the General Assembly.

The approval of the recent resolution in the UN General Assembly gives more rights to the Palestinians and enables the Palestinian government to participate more actively in the decisions of the United Nations. But without approving its membership in the UN Security Council, this country will still be denied the right to vote in this international body.

The main obstacle to the recognition of the Palestinian state is the position of the US government, which verbally accepts the two-state solution, but in practice defers it to the approval of the Israeli government. The US government has repeatedly thwarted international efforts to resolve the issue of Palestine and Israel, to end the occupation of the Palestinian territories, and recently to stop the war and killings in Gaza, with its veto and unilateral support for Israel, and by vetoing various resolutions in the Security Council, it has practically left Israel's hand free in occupying Palestinian lands and killing and destroying, and it has provided all kinds of weapons and bombs to the Israeli governments. Although in the current war in Gaza, due to the depth of the tragedy that has occurred, the US government has slightly reconsidered its all-round support for the warmongering government ruling Israel in recent months under the pressure of world public opinion, but still in the current massacre in Gaza and the tragedies of this war, it is accomplice of the Israeli government and is responsible for the continuation of this war and the current disastrous situation.

We welcome the historic decision of the United Nations General Assembly and demand the recognition of Palestine by the Security Council of this organization and all democratic governments that defend peace and security in the world. At the same time, we consider the biased position of the US government to be the main obstacle to international measures to end the current conflict between Israel and Palestine, and we demand the unconditional implementation of UN resolutions and the two-state solution. At the present moment, we consider taking such a step as the only possibility for peace between Palestine and Israel and de-escalation of the relations between the two.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
May 11, 2024

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