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The Catastrophic Killing of Palestinian Refugees in Rafah!

The Catastrophic Killing of Palestinian Refugees in Rafah!
Netanyahu is a War Criminal and Must Be Tried!

The Israeli army's deadly attack on the Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah has once again sparked deep global revulsion against Israel's war in Gaza. Israel's war crime in this attack was so obvious that the main person responsible for this massacre, Benjamin Netanyahu, called it "a tragic event" and claimed that the operation to kill the refugees "went tragically wrong." Mahmoud Abbas declared that the killing in Rafah was "deliberate" and "general massacre". The right-wing government of Israel has waged an all-out war against the people of Gaza for the past six months, which is an example of mass murder, genocide and revenge against the Palestinian people. In the latest criminal attack on Palestinian tents in Rafah and setting them on fire, the Israeli army killed more than 45 refugees and injured many more.

The aggressor and criminal government of Israel has been occupying Palestine and killing its people for years with the full support of America and Western governments. It has Violated all international rules and laws and kept a nation in permanent captivity. it has made all efforts to end this terrible situation to come to a dead end, and with the help of the United States and its Western allies, it has ignored the right of the Palestinian people to have their own country. The recent brutalities of Israel during the last few months, not only in Gaza but in the whole Palestine territories, including in the West Bank of the Jordan River, have become so widespread and brutal that they have provoked global protests. These protests have led Western governments to criticize the Israeli government and with the escalation of the killing of the Palestinian people, led the US government to turn to the policy of "run with the hare and hunt with the hounds". But since the Israeli lobbies play a very high role in the politics of these powers, these grievances have remained at the level of words and have never led to an effective policy against the Israeli government. At the same time, America and its Western allies are supplying weapons to kill the Palestinians in this war. In the last 6 months alone, the death toll has exceeded 35,000, many more have been injured and hundreds of thousands have been displaced. The most victims of this war are children, women and civilians.

The Left Party of Iran considers the massacre of the Palestinian people as an example of a crime against humanity. The powerful governments of the West, especially the United States, are responsible for supporting the actions of the Israeli government in these killings. Their appeasement with the Israeli government and their ineffective criticism is a reaction to appease the public opinion, but in practice, it is an incentive for the continuation of this situation by the Israeli government. The world must rise against this violence. Netanyahu's government is responsible for this heinous massacre and accused of crimes against humanity, and its leaders must be brought to justice. While supporting the verdict of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense of Israel as war criminals and three of the leaders of Hamas, we call on human rights defenders and all political organizations to put pressure on the international institutions to stop the war and the killing of the Palestinian people in any way they can, and to protest against the killing of the vulnerable people of Gaza.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
May 28, 2024

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