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Against a Circus Called Election!

Against a Circus Called Election!

June 6, 2024

The death of Ebrahim Raisi has made the Islamic Republic involved in another ridiculous organization to fill his vacancy. This time, as usual, different candidates have come forward. From the disqualified from the previous period to the ministers of the current and former governments, everyone has lined up again, to make it possible to select someone "like Raisi" for the Supreme leader. The show of the new appointment has started. Those who still depend on the mercy of those in power, have set off again with conditions. Betting has also started. Speculations to the possibility of change in the Islamic Republic have spread wide. But the majority of Iranian people have learned from experience that there is no hope for change from within this regime. Claims about reforming this corrupt and medieval regime have reached a dead end in its internal quagmire. The ruling system with its religious structure cannot be reformed, nor can its internal power struggle be stopped. People have loudly declared their certainty about incorrigibility many times in November 2017, in January 2020 and finally in the revolutionary movement "Women, Life, Freedom". The developments that have taken place in our society during several decades of trying to get rid of the Islamic Republic have confirmed the irreversible break of the society from this regime.

Today, the Islamic Republic is facing crises that it neither has the ability to solve, nor does it have the possibility to get out of the deadlocks caused by them in various fields: from the super economic crisis, to the growing dissatisfaction in the society, the expansion of demand movements of different groups of people; from structural corruption, incompetency of the system to international isolation and the spread of division and divergence of forces within the regime. On the other hand, our society has a huge revolutionary potential and its signs appear at every opportunity. The civil struggles in society have reached an unprecedented depth and breadth, and over the past year, more than two thousand civil uprisings and strikes by workers, retirees, teachers and other social groups have taken place.

The elections in the Islamic Republic have not been free and at best have been held among the factions within the regime. And even this has not been tolerated gradually and in recent years, it has been limited to a small circle of the regime confidants and basically turned into a kind of appointment. In our country, the regimes, including the Pahlavi regime and the Islamic Republic, have tried to control the ballot boxes and get their desired results out of these boxes. The process that during the Pahlavi regime became selection from above and in the Islamic Republic in a different way, it has been upgraded to an organized structure that, before the elections, even in the case of the parliament, the result is clarified in advance. These types of appointments and staging may be enough to control the situation during the stability of dictatorship and tyranny, but in critical times like the current state of society, they can turn against themselves and destroy the apparent stability and flimsy appearance of the regime. The experience of the collapse of the Pahlavi regime within a short period of time after the rise of the people's movement is indicative of this fact. In that period, neither puppet parliament, nor the dreaded SAVAK, nor puppet government, neither of them were able to prevent this collapse, and they themselves fell out of existence first of all. Even now, the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist (Velayat-e Faqih) system and those who have been dissolved in this system are struggling to use force, control and threats of the press, making a martyr out of Raisi, the executioner, to deceive the people who, with their revolutionary movement, want to end this corrupt system. The Islamic Republic is aware of people's hatred of the regime, and to constitute the current mockery, it has started to create more fear in the society. The instruction of the Press Supervision Board is a clear example of this terror of the regime, according to which "the publication of any content in order to encourage people to boycott or reduce participation in elections, protest gathering without permission, strike and sit-in are examples of criminal content." From now on, the regime is determined to proceed with the election circus without disturbance and according to the schedule.

The Left Party of Iran calls on everyone to actively boycott the election show of the Islamic Republic on the 28th of June. With the slogan "NO" to the Islamic Republic and "YES" to the revolutionary movement "Woman, Life, Freedom", let us use confronting the tricks of the regime as an opportunity for the common and widespread emergence of the left republican and democratic forces and synchronizing with all the freedom-loving and democracy-loving forces of the country, in the direction of liberation from the Islamic Republic and foundation of a free society with a government based on the free votes of the people. Hand in hand, let us try to strengthen people's action power to take control of the society's destiny by encouraging organization and formation in various parts of popular movements.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
June 6, 2024

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