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Retirees' demands are just!

Retirees' demands are just!
We support the struggles and demands of retirees and the joint call of independent trade unions!

Retirees' demands are just!

We support the struggles and demands of retirees and the joint call of independent trade unions!

The long-running campaign by retired workers for a pension raise and free efficient insurance coverage has become more widespread due to the government's and parliament's refusal to order a real increase in workers' pensions under the coverage of social services and the sharp rise in commodity prices. The protests are taking place on a weekly basis and nationwide since the formation of independent retirees organizations.

Retirees at the joint invitation of independent retirement organizations held protests on Feb, 28 for the seventh consecutive week in different cities. They took to the streets and shouting the slogan "We will not rest until victory".

Increasing salaries and pensions in proportion to the real cost of living, the proper implementation of the law on equalization of pensions and having efficient and free health insurance coverage are the most important demands of retired workers. The salary of the majority of retirees covered by social security is two million and 3 thousand Tomans or less (92 US Dollars). Under supplementary insurance plan, the government has made health insurance semi-private and by increasing the insured premium costs, has abolished the free medical treatments. The current salary is less than one week's actual cost of living, about one-quarter of monthly minimum necessities and one-third of the poverty line. This dire situation is more complicated when it is realized that a significant part of these meager salaries is spent on medical costs.

The Pension Equalization Act was passed many years ago. Implementing this law would have increased pensions but the government evaded the law until the beginning of this year. Although this year the law on equalization has been implemented but it is incomplete, discriminatory and it has not resulted much in increasing the pensions. In addition, the law has not included retirees worked in hard labor and harmful jobs.

One other important demand of retirees and workers are the payment of a huge debt of 3 trillion Tomans and unpaid government insurance premiums to the Social Security organization and the transfer of its management to the representatives of independent trade unions.

Retirees will be able to push back the government and parliament and achieve their demands in the light of organized struggle and in connection, solidarity and joint struggle with workers, teachers, nurses and other wage earners. Now, in the light of these struggles and their continuation, there are signs that the government and parliament are retreating over equalization and the increase in the pensions.

The Left Party of Iran (People's Fadaian) justifies the demands of retirees and independent retiree organizations and calls on independent workers', retirees' and teachers' organizations to meet on March 7 in front of the Ministry of Labor at 10:30 A.M to demand an increase in wages and other demands. With the continuation of the cooperation between trade unions it will be possible to force the government to retreat.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran (People's Fadaian)

March 1, 2021

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