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No to War, Yes to Truce and Negotiations for a Lasting Peace!

No to War, Yes to Truce and Negotiations for a Lasting Peace!
The Main Victims of this War are the People of Palestine and Israel!

October 9, 2023

From the morning of Saturday October 7th, Hamas forces attacked different areas of Israel with missiles, drones and ground forces, especially the settlements of this country near the Gaza Strip, and for the first time Hamas forces entered different parts of Israeli settlements. So far, during these attacks, at least 700 people have been killed and more than 2000 people have been injured. This statistic is increasing rapidly. At least 260 people have been killed at the music festival in the southern desert of Israel alone. On the other side, in response to this attack by Hamas, the Israeli army has bombed different parts of Gaza, in which more than 400 people have been killed and 1,600 injured so far. The positions of the sides indicate the continuation of war operations from both sides.

There is still no serious regional and international will to stop the war. America and many European countries, including Germany and France, have unconditionally supported Netanyahu's government. The American government has announced that it will provide ammunition and equipment to Israel and has sent its aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have invited the parties to exercise restraint. China calls for the action of the international community to prevent the escalation of the war, and Turkey is trying to mediate between the two sides. The Islamic Republic has declared its explicit and direct support for the attack by Hamas and has launched a celebration ceremony in the streets.

This war inside Israel has changed the balance of power in the current situation in favor of Netanyahu's right-wing government. While this government has been going through difficult times in the past months, the protests against its decisions regarding judicial reforms had also extended to the army and brought the government close to a political deadlock, yesterday's attacks by Hamas has become a cause for unity in the defense of Israel's security and the positional support of the opposition and the army of this country with the government of Netanyahu in confronting Hamas. On the other hand, Western countries and above all the United States have been more and more persuaded to support Netanyahu's government.

The tension between Israel and Palestine is a long-standing wound that resurfaces every time with a new incident. When Israel turns Gaza into a prison for two million Palestinians with cannons and tanks and does not accept any democratic solution, and when the Israeli governments continue to expand settlements regardless of international resolutions in the occupied territories and have even made life unbearable for its Palestinian residents, such blind and angry reactions with all its terrible consequences are not far from expected. Such barbaric actions by the Israeli governments against the Palestinians have also happened many times, but due to the strong support of the world, they have not been reflected in the powerful media and have been practically silent about it.

The relative calm and the two-year cessation of military conflicts had created the suspicion that with the progress of agreements between Israel and the governments of the region, there is a possibility of reducing tensions. But the reality is that without ending the occupation of the Palestinian territories by the Israeli government and recognizing the Palestinian people's right to sovereignty over their own destiny, peace between the two sides will not exist as long as the Israeli government tries to unilaterally impose its will on the Palestinians by ignoring the resolutions of the United Nations. The agreements of recent years between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the United States under the title "Ibrahim Agreement", although it was supposed to be the basis for de-escalation in the region, but in the end, by removing the Palestinians from the equation, it remained a symbolic agreement between the governments and in practice, it will not be useful in establishing peace between Israel and Palestine.

The main victims of the current war are ordinary citizens and people who live in the territories of both sides of the conflict.

The Left Party of Iran supports the immediate cessation of war and bloodshed and killings in the region and wants an immediate ceasefire and direct negotiations to resolve the disputes between the Palestinians and Israel. We consider it impossible to solve the conflict between Palestine and Israel through war. We call on all the progressive and pro-peace forces in the world and the left and national parties to take the initiative to stop this war and demand lasting peace based on the solution of the formation of two states and an agreement between the Palestinians and Israel with the intervention of the United Nations and the implementation of its resolutions. We consider the position of the Islamic Republic of fanning the flames of war, considering the dangerous situation in the region and other regional conflicts, to be contrary to the national interests of the Iranian people and the goal of establishing a lasting peace in the Middle East.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
October 9, 2023

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