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Active Boycott of the Regime's Elections, a Step Towards Strengthening the Movement of “Women, Life, Freedom”!

Active Boycott of the Regime's Elections, a Step Towards Strengthening the Movement of “Women, Life, Freedom”!

February 17, 2024
On the 1st of March, the regime of the Islamic Republic regime will hold a new set of election shows for the formation of the 12th term of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) and the 6th term of the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership. The scope of elimination in the upcoming elections has also reached the closest friends of the regime and has turned into the appointment of those loyal to the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist (Velayat). This election is the most restricted and the least popular among the various elections in the Islamic Republic. In this round, the possibility of participating and being elected even within the dominant faction of the regime has been ruled out. Institutions under the command of the Supreme Leader have allowed only those who are unconditionally subordinate to Vali-e-Faqih and the corrupt gangs around him to enter these two election shows. Now the most conservative critics of the regime also completely rule out the possibility of influencing this election. The Assembly of Experts is arranged in such a way that it fulfills Khamenei's plans for succession and the future Parliament turns the orders of the head of the regime into law and imposes them on the people.

The defeat of the reformists, the suppression of the green movement, and the experience of Rouhani's government as a result, have not left the slightest illusion among the people for the possibility of change from within the regime. If once a part of the people had hope for the possibility of change through influencing the formation of the forces within the regime and considered it useful to choose lesser evil, now for years no one has such hope, nor does the regime allow the slightest change. On the contrary, the regime is constantly decaying and losing its internal forces. The popular uprisings of November 2017 and January 2020 were formed on the basis of this experience and they shouted with their expressive voice that "reformists, fundamentalists, game is over" and echoed "NO" to the Islamic Republic and in the later movements, especially in the "Women, Life, Freedom" movement, it became a revolutionary demand to end the Islamic Republic. A movement that targeted the foundation of the Islamic Republic and shook its pillars of power.

We are now facing a social approach of active boycott, which shows itself as a conscious political decision not only among the opposition, but also at the level of society, and we see various popular initiatives in this field. Despite this, there are still those who are attached to the ballot box in the hope of opening a "window". Their invitation to participate in this masquerade of elections, rather than having anything to do with the people and the needs of the society, seeks to satisfy the ruling tyranny and to find a “window” for the callers themselves.

In the past 45 years, the Islamic Republic has not stopped any crime in confronting the demands and political movements of the people. From the killing of freedom fighters and justice seekers in the street, the execution of opponents and dissidents in prisons, murders and massacres in national areas including Baluchistan and Kurdistan, to blinding the eyes of young people and beating the activists of the recent revolutionary movement, it has a dark dossier. Now thousands of youths are in prisons. Every day, thousands of workers, teachers, retirees and other groups of wage earners protest and strike in the street and workplace. They are protesting against their low wages and difficult conditions, and they are demanding their trampled rights. Labor activists, teachers' union representatives and other civil activists are arrested and imprisoned and sentenced to long prison terms. The fight against poverty and corruption ruling society, against unemployment and homelessness, and for the recognition of the right to protest and strike and the people's free choice, is in the service of dismantling the ruling autocrats. In such circumstances, the Islamic Republic is struggling to bring people to the polls once again with threats and all kinds of tricks.

The Left Party of Iran asks the compatriots to make the "NO" to the regime louder by actively boycotting the elections and not going to the polls. The active boycott of these elections with the slogan "No" to the Islamic Republic creates another opportunity for the joint and widespread emergence of the leftist and democratic forces to take steps towards the removal of the corrupt, criminal and oppressive regime of the Islamic Republic. “No” to the election shows of the regime in this period, is “YES” to the revolutionary movement "Women, Life, Freedom". By leaving the voting areas empty, let's make the struggle for the removal of the Islamic Republic more powerful.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
February 17, 2024

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