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With Nationwide Campaign and General Solidarity, Let Us Defeat the Intensification of the Islamic Republic's War Against Women!

With Nationwide Campaign and General Solidarity, Let Us Defeat the Intensification of the Islamic Republic's War Against Women!

April 17, 2024
During the last few days, after Khamenei's order to suppress women, all the regime forces have been mobilized to implement this order. Morality police vehicles, again without their scandalous emblems, have been found on the streets, intensifying the violence against women and making the public atmosphere of the society more unsafe.

In confronting the "Women, Life, Freedom" movement with all the killings, arrests and executions, the Islamic Republic suffered an irreparable defeat and lost the public arena to this movement. The shadows of fear receded from society, the belief in religion and rituals that this regime imposes on the people, even among religious people, lost more color than before. Doubts about the possibility of restoring the regime's lost authority were revealed even in the regime's own legislative and executive apparatus. Although the "Hijab and Chastity" bill was not even discussed and decided in the regime's parliament, even without approval, wherever the regime found the possibility of coercion, it was implemented. Mobs called "hijab guards" replaced the morality police, but for a long time no one took responsibility for this new repression force. The interior minister also falsely denied involvement in the hiring of hijab guards.

Since September 2022 until now, the mandatory hijab, as the most important feature of the Islamic regime, has practically been abolished. But the regime has not given up any trick to revive it and has used all its means to re-establish this compulsion and to take back the public arena of society from women and men who, by giving their lives in the "Women, Life, Freedom" movement shook the foundations of the regime's power. Like all other cases, the Islamic Republic, parallel to the missile attack on Israel and the propaganda horn about this missile launch, has turned the streets into a field of martial law against women. The regime has equipped and armed its suppression forces at every metro station and public transportation center to harass, torture and arrest women who do not wear the mandatory hijab and even those without a hijab in their car, and make the safety and comfort of half of the society the plaything of the melancholy of its medieval beliefs.

The Left Party of Iran considers the attack on women's rights and freedoms and the deployment of military and police forces in cities as a sign of the regime's inability to face the revolutionary movement of the people and its weakness front of the achievements of the "Women, Life, Freedom" movement. Repression under the current war atmosphere cannot force the people of Iran and the brave women of our country to submit to living under the coercions of the Islamic Republic, including the mandatory hijab. We must stand with all our strength against the new attack of the Islamic Republic and its leader Khamenei on the basic and human rights of women. We call on all the defenders of the Iranian people's movement against the Islamic Republic, democratic parties and organizations, the left and human rights institutions to a broad campaign against the regime's aggression against the brave women of our country. Let us defeat the regime's invasion to re-impose the mandatory hijab with solidarity and nationwide fight! Solidarity and unified resistance are the only ways to end this regime and achieve freedom, democracy, equality and social justice.

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran
April 17, 2024

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