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IRAN: View from the LEFT, June 2024, No 54

IRAN: View from the LEFT, June 2024, No 54

In fact, the Israeli and American definitions of ‘the end of the war’ are divergent. Biden says the Israelis have almost won while Netanyahu declares the Israelis have not achieved all their goals, Hamas has not been eliminated and, obviously, all the Israeli captives have not been released. These two points, or derivatives thereof, remain outstanding.

If the pressure on Gazans can succeed in turning the population against Hamas and releasing Israeli captives, then Israel can declare victory.  But there is no sign of that happening.

Biden proposed a framework for a ceasefire, and claimed the proposal originated in Israel but what he calls a ‘win’ does not satisfy the appetite of most Israelis or the Israeli government.

The clash of strategic aims between the US and Israel seems inevitably to be leading to an imminent clash of current policies. For the moment, Israel seems to be trying to ameliorate the tension. Their latest ploy is to declare that major Israeli military operations will be finished within two weeks.

 They are trying to fine tune the war in the context of the Israeli aims.This will not result in a meaningful long-term ceasefire. The clash will continue unless one side or the other is forced  to give way.

Meanwhile, the global majority fervently demands an end to this genocidal war.
IRAN: View from the LEFT, June 2024, No 54

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