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May Your Nowruz be Victorious and Propitious!

May Your Nowruz be Victorious and Propitious!
Nowruz Message of the Left Party of Iran on the Occasion of the Beginning of Year 1403

The arrival of the New Year is the herald of a new beginning and transformation and blossoming in nature. The people of Iran and other neighboring countries welcome the renewal of nature every spring and celebrate Nowruz and revive the hope of change in their social life. During the ups and downs of the history of this land, our predecessors have made Nowruz celebration, the first day of spring, one of their most lasting historical traditions. They have joined nature and every year on this day, by refreshing their lives, despite all the disturbances, with the wish to end the dark winter of tyranny, to leave behind repression, prison, poverty and unemployment, with the hope of living in a free and just society have rushed to welcome the New Year.

During the last year and a half, our society has taken rapid steps to get rid of the religious tyranny of the Islamic Republic. The year that passed was also the year of the revolutionary movement of the Iranian people, the year of "Woman, Life, Freedom". A movement that changed the aspect of our country with the participation of large groups of women and youth. With its continuity, it was able to change the atmosphere of the country and the balance between the regime and the people. The activists of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" movement, spearheaded by the women of our country, by breaking the closed atmosphere in the society and questioning the regime's compulsions, above all the mandatory hijab, shook the foundations of values of the Islamic Republic. They transformed the atmosphere of society, gave it a different aspect and showed their role in the development of society. During this movement, tens of thousands of people were arrested and imprisoned, hundreds were killed in the streets, some of them were children. A number of activists are still on death row. The regime’s struggle to go back, with all the force it has used, has not reached anywhere. The moral police is history and "hijab guards" and the new "hijab and chastity" bill have failed. Few people, even within the regime, believe in the effectiveness of these measures.

Last year, labor protests spread along with the revolutionary movement and other political and social protests. Workers, teachers, retirees and other wage and salary earners who supported the "Women, Life, Freedom" movement by issuing a 12-clause charter and outlined the action plan to achieve their goals in line with the revolutionary movement. During this time, they have organized thousands of strikes and street protests. There was not a day that workers, teachers, nurses, retirees and other wage and salary earners did not strike, protest and march in different cities of the country demanding their rights. The arrest and imprisonment of activists and organizers of these movements has not been able to create an obstacle against these efforts to change the current situation and. The daily continuation of protests and strikes indicates a new balance in society and promises new developments in the new year.

In memory of all the brave fighters who died in the fight against the ruling tyranny to achieve freedom, equality and justice, the Left Party of Iran offers its New Year best wishes to the freedom-fighter people of Iran, to the political prisoners, to the families of those who died in the path of freedom and social justice, to the women and men who fight against discrimination and injustice, to the workers, wage-earners, teachers and retirees who continue to protest and strike to achieve their rightful demands, to the writers, intellectuals and artists, who keep the flag of freedom raised, to the leftist and democratic forces who fight for freedom and social justice, to all those who strive for freedom, democracy and socialism, and wish everyone success in their work and struggle for a better world. We invite all freedom-loving people to unity and solidarity to end the life of the ruling regime in our country and achieve freedom and democracy, equality and social justice, and we wish all our compatriots a happy New Year and a Propitious Spring.

May your Nowruz day be victorious!

Political-Executive Board of the Left Party of Iran

March 19, 2024 (Esfand 29, 1402

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